Friday, January 16, 2015

Heating and Cooling in Troy, MI: Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

While your Troy heating and cooling system may seem to be fully functional at present, you can’t expect it to stay that way for good. It will inevitably suffer a performance breakdown at some point as a consequence of normal wear and tear or even improper usage, and will subsequently require a suitable course of action. Regular maintenance, however, helps ensure the system does not fail you in your time of need and even prolongs your unit’s useful service life. Central air systems should have the filters cleaned every few months and replaced if necessary. Some air conditioners have filters that simply need to be cleaned and can be reused, while others have filters that must be replaced. Be sure to know what air filter your unit contains. Cleaning ideally takes place once a month, and replacement every two or three months. Keep in mind that if left unchecked, dirty filters will block airflow and significantly reduce the system’s efficiency.

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