Sunday, January 18, 2015

Faulty Pilot Light: Dealing with a Usual Detroit Furnace Repair Issue

It’s been pretty chilly in the Motor City lately, and your sole best friend in the freezing weather is your trusty home furnace. However, the day you dread has come: it wouldn’t pump out much-needed heat, and when you check on the source of the issue, you find that your furnace’s pilot light is failing. It doesn’t matter if a furnace is newer or older; chances are, it still possesses some sort of pilot light. The pilot light is a small flame that’s either lit manually or automatically, which remains burning ‘round the clock to keep the furnace kicking. If the pilot light fails to ignite or goes out due to several reasons, the furnace’s heat sensor cools down and shuts off the main gas supply valve—one that supplies gas to the burners.

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