Monday, October 27, 2014

Leaky Heating and Cooling in Clinton Township, MI: The Danger of Freon

There are many types of leaks you can encounter in your home in Clinton Township, MI and each has its own damaging consequence. A leaky roof can cause mold buildup in your attic, while a leaky faucet can damage your drywall. However, there’s a kind of leak that can lead to an even bigger problem, one that can harm your family’s health and life—Freon. Freon is a trademark for a family of products manufactured by DuPont. It is made of fluorine, carbon, hydrogen, chlorine, and bromine, which give it a cooling property that’s crucial for refrigeration. While Freon is nontoxic, noncorrosive, and nonflammable, it is considered dangerous to the health of people with certain physiological conditions. For instance, it can cause cardiac arrhythmia and rapid palpitations in individuals who have a history of heart problems.

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