Monday, December 1, 2014

Lowering your Energy Consumption with Clinton Township Heating Experts

Such findings may be of great value to residents of Michigan, particularly in Clinton Township. On average, winters in the area reach a bitter cold of 38.1°, with -18 F° as the coldest ever recorded back in 1994. To protect you and your family from such unforgiving temperatures, it’d be a great idea to enlist the help of established Clinton Township, MI heating and cooling companies, such as C & C Heating & Air Conditioning. These professionals will check your HVAC system for common problems─ including the leaking air ducts found in the study. Signs of this particular problem run the gamut from exposed ductwork in your attic or crawlspaces, to some rooms taking longer to cool than others, to even the continued presence of dust despite frequent cleaning. Once found, you can count on the Clinton Township heating experts to not just set things right, but to secure the best in energy costs for you too.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birmingham AC Repair Professionals Contribute to Warmer Home

So what can homeowners like you do to maintain proper warmth─ both in your home and among your loved ones─ this cold season while saving some money along the way? You can start by checking your thermostat for any problems; chances are, they’re the source of inconsistent temperatures in your household─ and by extension, conflict with housemates. Birmingham AC repair experts advise making sure it was properly installed to begin with. For one, you should ensure that the thermostat is level since an improper setup (being higher or lower than it should be) can affect its readings. You should also check on location, i.e., if the thermostat was installed in the right area of your house. Direct exposure to sunlight and drafty windows are a no-no, so be sure it’s mounted where it can do the most good, such as your main living area. Examine your device for dust and grime since these too could cause discrepancies with the room’s actual temperature.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Detroit, MI Heating and Cooling Maintenance: All About the HVAC Filter

Besides extending the service life of your HVAC unit, a clean and efficient filter ensures that you have good indoor air quality, removing harmful microorganisms and allergens in the air that you breathe. Moreover, regularly replacing the air filter can cut approximately 5 to 15 percent off your utility bills. Take note, however, that keeping your HVAC equipment in tiptop shape isn’t just about the air filter. Along with replacing or cleaning the filter, it would serve you well to call on Detroit, MI heating and cooling professionals, such as those from C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, to have your HVAC system serviced and checked for potential problems each year, preferably before the start of the winter season.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Troy Heating and Cooling Units: On the Winter Care of AC Condensers

The important thing to remember is to simply cover the condenser so as to protect it from falling snow or debris and not seal it off completely. As soon as winter is over and spring begins, it’s time to call on Troy heating and cooling technicians for the annual maintenance service of your home’s HVAC system. Being diligent with the care and maintenance of your air conditioner and furnace ensures optimal living comfort for you and your loved ones.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Consult Warren, MI Heating and Cooling Experts Before the Cold Sets In

One of the worst winter nightmares you could imagine is to feel that your house has suddenly gone cold because the furnace has chosen the worst of nights to quit. You wonder how fast they could get to you in the thick snow before you toes go numb. Whether your Warren, MI heating and cooling or HVAC system is two or ten years old, it’s important that, as a homeowner, you make your furnace tune-up a part of your annual maintenance schedule. Take note that the best time to call your HVAC professional is not during the cold season itself—furnace contractors are actually at their busiest during this time. Additionally, you’ll more likely be charged an emergency fee when you do call for an SOS at an ungodly hour.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tea Cure and Managing Heating and Air Conditioning in Macomb, MI Homes

Along with tea therapy and comfort foods, it’s important that you make your home temperate for everyone. While thick curtains or window shades help control indoor temperature, it’s healthier to use natural sunlight for as long as you can during the day. Bare floors can cost your home 10% of heat loss; install carpets or thick rugs to keep the floor—and your feet warm. As floorboards can contract or expand with changes in temperature, look out for gaps or cracks, and waste no time to seal with fillers. Consider replacing old appliances with Energy star-rated heating and cooling equipment. If the heating and air conditioning in Macomb, MI homes are more than a decade old, call a professional HVAC contractor, such as C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, for inspection and advice. Energy saving appliances can cut your bills in half, but before you have anything replaced, make sure you have plugged in the air leaks and duct system in your home—places that could very well be the source for

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Roseville AC Repair Experts: Protection for Air Conditioners in Winter

While removing air conditioners is considered a wise and safe move for winter, there are those who say that air conditioners can still be put to good use during the season. As people will be staying indoors more often and in close proximity to each other, occasional use of air conditioners can help keep inside air fresh and free from germs, dust, and pollutants. Likewise, turning the A/C on can serve as a quick fix by heating and melting frost that might form on the outdoor coil of a heat pump. Those who prefer not to remove their A/C ,however, have to protect it from cold temperatures and precipitation with specially designed and insulated covers. These air conditioners also need to be inspected by Roseville air conditioning repair professionals before warmer weather sets in to ensure they are in good condition.

Roseville HVAC Experts Help Keep Your Home Warm and Safe this Winter

While you can change your furnace’s filters on your own, a Roseville heating and air conditioning professional should be called on to give your furnace a thorough inspection. Ask the technician to look at the switches and burners; as well as to inspect and clean the motor and blower. A damaged furnace part may not necessarily mean that you won’t get the heating you need, but it can make the system more inefficient, requiring more energy in the process. Without the proper repairs or parts replacement, you just might find a huge surge in your electricity bill.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Leaky Heating and Cooling in Clinton Township, MI: The Danger of Freon

There are many types of leaks you can encounter in your home in Clinton Township, MI and each has its own damaging consequence. A leaky roof can cause mold buildup in your attic, while a leaky faucet can damage your drywall. However, there’s a kind of leak that can lead to an even bigger problem, one that can harm your family’s health and life—Freon. Freon is a trademark for a family of products manufactured by DuPont. It is made of fluorine, carbon, hydrogen, chlorine, and bromine, which give it a cooling property that’s crucial for refrigeration. While Freon is nontoxic, noncorrosive, and nonflammable, it is considered dangerous to the health of people with certain physiological conditions. For instance, it can cause cardiac arrhythmia and rapid palpitations in individuals who have a history of heart problems.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

How Birmingham Air Conditioning Repair Technicians Assess AC Problems

When the weather becomes unbearably scalding, Birmingham residents can seek relief by moseying up to their abodes and turning up their air conditioners. However, there may be instances when one’s air conditioning unit might not function properly; for those who use their AC units frequently, this issue can prove troublesome. That’s why it’s vital for homeowners to know some of the things that might impede their AC units’ performance. An article in listed a few problems that homeowners usually encounter with their air conditioners. The first involves the apparatus not being used correctly; it is important to close any windows and doors that might let the cold air out inside an enclosed room. More technical air conditioning problems arise when such apparatuses are not properly installed, when technicians don’t follow proper procedure when servicing the unit, and when homeowners do not have their AC units checked regularly.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Detroit Heating and Cooling Company Gives Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

Summer may be over but the chilly days of autumn have their own set of attractions to look forward to. For one, you can enjoy a sip of apple cider care of the many cider mills in the area. Football fans, on the other hand, can start cheering for the Detroit Lions again. As this article from points out, though, the signature even of the season remains the Fall Colors tour.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Yes, You Need to Call a Troy Heating and Cooling Company this Winter

While it’s good to know that homeowners will have greater opportunities to save money this season, they shouldn’t rely entirely on low energy costs to slash their bills. They need to be proactive in maintaining their HVAC systems to gain more savings, perhaps rely on a Troy heating and cooling company like C & C Heating and Air Conditioning, because their air conditioners and heaters make up a great portion of their energy consumption. HVAC experts say that, generally speaking, proper maintenance on these systems can reduce energy costs by 5 to 40 percent.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Warren Heating and Cooling Facts: Reasons You Need a Home Humidifier

Aside from getting air conditioners and heaters installed, citizens of Macomb County or the City of Warren in particular should also invest in quality humidifiers. This is because having just the right amount of moisture in your home is very important—too little or too much and you end up with structural problems and even a potential health hazard.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tips on Heating and Cooling in Macomb, MI: Air Sealing Your House

There are times when homeowners in Macomb township find that their reliable heater or air conditioner seems to be producing little hot or cool air, or worse, that their electricity bills are continuously soaring. If you are one of these people, know that one of the possible causes could be that your home is letting much of the cooled or heated air out. This is why having homes air sealed is an important part of keeping Macomb, MI heating and cooling systems working efficiently.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Call a Roseville AC Repair Expert If the Central AC Can’t Keep Quiet

There are different sounds that indicate the need for repair of your air conditioning system. Based on these, you can do a preliminary check before you call on a local Roseville air conditioner repair specialist so you’ll be ready to explain the problem when the company representative arrives. The most common noise from air conditioning systems are rattles. This might be due to parts getting loose. If it is a simple screw or bolt, you can tighten it back yourself, but if the sound persists, leave it to the professionals.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Maintain Your Roseville Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Twice a Year

If you’re a resident of Roseville, heating and air conditioning in your home is crucial. Just like other cities in the state of Michigan, Roseville receives warm to hot summers and cold to severely cold winters due to the area’s continental climate. This is a good reason to have your heating and cooling system checked, not only because of the freezing weather, but of the hot summers as well.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Using Your Clinton Township Heating System to Save Energy this Fall

Whether you plan on roaming the state parks or skipping the shower of foliage, the cool season is a prime time to undertake energy-saving measures, especially with your Clinton Township heating system. Here are some ways you can cut back on your utility bills this fall: Start with a “clean slate.” When was the last time you changed or cleaned your air or furnace filters? Since they serve to strain dirt and debris from circulating air, these filters can end up clogged and make your heating system work harder. By simply cleaning or replacing these devices, your bill can go down to 3-10% less than your usual rates.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Birmingham Air Conditioning Maintenance Prepares You for Heat Waves

Michigan is no stranger to heat waves, so the state has a strategy in place to promptly issue warnings regarding the weather and the possible health effects of being exposed to it. Homeowners should be mindful of such notifications, and stay indoors until the heat wave subsides. Ideal Measures at Home Aside from ample water supplies and limited activities, your home’s air conditioning system becomes your lifeline during heat waves and other extremely hot days. Therefore, you have to make sure that your unit is functional and efficient, so it won’t break down during the times you need it most. Birmingham air conditioning maintenance can take care of that for you.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Experts in Heating and Cooling in Detroit, MI Help Prepare for Winter

For the last item in the list, make sure you contact a qualified business like C & C Heating and Air Conditioning, which has ample experience in heating maintenance and furnace repair in Detroit: Watch your windows To prevent much-needed warmth from escaping, inspect windows for cracks or breaches and have them repaired. Loose panes of glass and damaged screens will have to be replaced. Lastly, check the weather trim around doors and windows to ensure your home’s insulation.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Troy Heating and Cooling Maintenance: Summer Savings for AC Checks

HVAC specialists like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning recommend having your home’s air conditioner and heater serviced using the extra funds you’ve saved from this summer, in preparation for the coming winter. Replacing the air conditioner’s filters every 90 days or so (something you can do yourself) will improve its efficiency. For more complex tasks like checking evaporators and coils, however, leave that to the professionals. Look and listen for signs To find out if your heating and air conditioning units are underperforming, keep your eyes and ears open while the units are operating. If you notice a rising trend in your electric bill, this means its performance is degrading. Hot and cold spots in the house plus odd noises should prompt you to give your specialist in air conditioning repair from Troy, MI a call.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warren, MI Heating and Cooling: Features that Improve Air Quality

Central heating and cooling systems? That’s definitely something not many people are aware of. Many homeowners in Michigan primarily think of HVAC equipment as mere tools for thermal comfort. While temperature regulation is, of course, one of the main functions of a Warren, MI heating and cooling system, the unit can do more than that. It can provide comfortable temps for residents and ensure a healthy and pleasant ‘breathing’ environment.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Macomb, MI Heating and Cooling Units: Understanding Energy Efficiency

Currently, the growing number of MI locals who have resorted to alternative power systems are mostly from Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit, of which Macomb County is a part. These systems reduce energy consumption significantly, thereby reducing household utility bills, too. Those who have embraced such power sources can further optimize their savings by ensuring that their Macomb, MI heating and cooling systems are energy-efficient. The questions below can help homeowners assess their system’s energy efficiency: How much energy does an HVAC equipment consume? While an HVAC unit is not the only essential household equipment, homeowners can count on the fact that about 50 percent of their energy consumption is due to their HVAC use. Thus, when it comes to going green, HVAC systems should be a priority.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Quality AC Repair in Roseville: High Temperatures May Ruin AC Systems

As part of the normal wear-and-tear, the operational life of AC systems go down as they age. If your system has been around for at least 12 years, the incidences of breakdowns may worsen. With regular maintenance, you can combat the heat. Maintenance includes replacing the filters every month and checking the external condenser for blockage. Older systems nearing the end of their shelf life may need a full replacement. When the air conditioner needs a thorough check after being up all summer, or if a recent heat surge saw it tested to the limit, run the system by professionals at AC repair in Roseville.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Roseville Heating and Air Conditioning: Tips for Winterizing Your HVAC

Residents of Roseville, MI, can either anticipate or dread the coming of winter and do what’s best to get ready. The city was close to the eye of the infamous polar vortex last year, and while temperatures in the area do not dip that far below zero as they do in the upper Midwest or across the Canadian border, the winter months provide much opportunity to plan ahead for sheer warmth. You’ll naturally need a Roseville heating and air conditioning company, such as C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, to keep the HVAC system operational.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why Heating and Air Conditioning in Roseville, Michigan is Important

Maintaining cool body temperatures on hot and humid days can help prevent heat-related illnesses. Anyone who stays out in the sun for a long period of time is more susceptible to dehydration and other heat-related conditions. Staying indoors for as long as possible with regular fluid replenishment lessens the probability of experiencing these problems. Indoor warmth is easier to deal with than that of the outdoors. Temperatures indoors still need to be regulated, though, as it is possible that they are still not comfortable enough for anyone during a hot Michigan day. This is why installing an air conditioning system works wonders; both cooling and air quality can be regulated to provide a fresh and favorable environment for preventing heat-related illnesses.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Know When You Need to Get AC Repair in Roseville, Michigan

If there are parts of the house that are unevenly cool and moderate, then the thermostat needs repair. Finding drops of moisture or leaks around and near the AC could mean that the refrigerant is leaking, or the drain tube is blocked or broken. Hearing strange sounds or noise and smelling strange, foul odors from the unit and its vents is also a danger sign. After finding any of these indicators, getting the help of professionals is the next step as the repair of your air conditioning unit should be handled by experts. Their repairs may look simple but getting a certified technician’s diagnosis of your AC can, in the long run, lead to a more efficient and problem-free machine. Remember that it’s always about maximizing your unit’s efficiency.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Roseville Air Conditioner Repair and Troubleshooting for Homeowners

The refrigerant is the substance used by your AC system to cool the air that passes through the system—it cycles from liquid to gas. If the condenser coils are faulty though, it might cause the refrigerant to leak, thus interrupting the cooling process. Check your refrigerant levels regularly, especially during the hottest days of summer – it should never fall below the manufacturer’s recommended rate.

In case one or two of these problems are already evident in your central AC, hurry to your trusted Michigan HVAC contractor for Roseville AC repair like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning. Don’t sleep on the need for repair or maintenance, otherwise you’ll be spending your summer days in a pretty uncomfortable home.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Important Roseville HVAC Tips: Conserving Energy for Summer Cooling

In Michigan, summers can go as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which prompts many wise homeowners in Roseville to get their air conditioners checked and primed to battle the coming scorcher days. Cooling your home might cause your energy bills to rise; however, there are many ways you can keep the cost of running your Roseville HVAC system low throughout the summer.

If you notice something strange with the way your AC is functioning in the dead of the Michigan summer heat wave, don’t hesitate to call up efficient Roseville heating and air conditioning contractors like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning as soon as possible. Ignoring equipment troubles could aggravate the problems later on and cause your bills to balloon.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Cooler Michigan Summer Doesn’t Mean Less Need for Roseville AC Repair

In addition, cooler summers do not necessarily mean cool temperatures, which can still rise to scorching levels. Also, a lot can still happen in a matter of weeks; the cooler summer may only last for a fleeting moment, if it comes at all. It will therefore pay to be prepared with a well-functioning A/C, with the help of Roseville air conditioning repair companies like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Roseville Heating and Air Conditioning Units: Filtering Out Pollens

HEPA filters are known for their long service life (up to 10 years but some studies suggest that they can last even longer). However, their effectiveness and durability still depend on several factors, such as the amount of particulates in the area and the frequency of air conditioning use. A thorough inspection by Roseville heating and air conditioning services can determine if filters need to be replaced.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Clearing Furnace Blockage through Experts on AC repair in Roseville

Your HVAC contractor or provider of the system may teach you some simple procedures you can do to prevent constant blockage, and reduce the strain on technical personnel coming in for a maintenance run. For instance, you must remove any foreign debris in the vicinity of the condenser unit to free up space for air to come in. You should also hose down the unit with water to dislodge the dirt.

A Roseville air conditioner repair company, such as C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, has the tools to further analyze the HVAC system and proceed with repairs. Stephens states that a technician can use devices such as coil cleaning solvents and compressed air to force the blockages and purge the debris off the coils.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Let Roseville HVAC Professionals Check if You Need Furnace Replacement

To be sure, let a Roseville heating and air conditioning contractor like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning check. Many HVAC experts advocate the use of furnaces with high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings. Some of the best gas furnaces on the market have AFUE grades in the mid- to high 90s. You need to have your furnace’s AFUE grade checked against the Energy Department’s minimum standards.

Second, in determining the return on investment (ROI) of installing a new furnace, look at your utility bills last winter. Trethewey suggests you add those amounts, multiply the sum by 20%, then divide the cost of a new furnace by this figure, and you will know the number of years it will take to recover the investment. ROI also depends on fuel price and home size.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Again, Spring: Preparing Solutions for Quality AC Repair in Roseville

In fact, much work is cut out for a Roseville air conditioner repair specialist. For the AC alone, the condenser coils should be checked for leaks and blockages around any grilles. The filters may have to be cleaned or replaced altogether, and note that your technician should have abundant space to inspect and work over the evaporator coils. The water drip pipe also needs to be checked for algae blockage.

The furnace is one of the first things to be inspected during an HVAC spring cleaning project, but it might be overlooked sometimes. A full inspection will include studying the heat exchanger if it has cracked in a few places, which signals the potential threat of carbon monoxide circulating in the ductwork. You ought to consider replacing the system when most of its components are severely damaged or deteriorated.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Keep Roseville Heating and Air Conditioning Units Working for Pets

Keeping the temperature of Roseville heating and air conditioning systems at a constant, recommended setting can benefit both instances. You can keep your beloved pet cool or warm while you’re away; at the same time, you can save on energy use. Regular maintenance and repairs to the unit enhances the system’s efficiency more.

Don’t wait for summer to arrive. Have your Roseville HVAC system checked by professionals from established companies like C & C Heating and Air Conditioning and save your pets from the approaching heat wave.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Prevention Tips and When to Call Roseville AC Repair Professionals

Typically, when your home’s air conditioning system acts up, it’s only wise that you hire reputable AC repair companies in Roseville like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning to get it restored to its usual function. An expert, however, isn’t always available when you need him. If you own a home, you should at least know there are steps that you can take to minimize the hassle of having to call on someone every time you suspect your AC is breaking down.

Sudden Death

Sometimes, your AC will just give out, oftentimes without any warning. Typically, this is caused by electrical problems.  You should check any circuit breaker or fuse that might have been tripped. If the problem still persists, just call on a reliable electrician as it is never wise to deal with electrical issues unless you know enough to keep yourself and the rest of your home safe.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Roseville Heating and Air Conditioning Tips: Fast Facts about your AC

In the first parts of spring when the cool breeze of the past winter still linger in the air, you really don’t have to boost up your AC for twenty-four hours of the day. You just might want to raise your blinds and open the windows at intervals throughout the day. Why not enjoy a nice stroll outdoors, read for a few hours, if only to give your AC a short break every once in a while?

Another important part of Roseville heating and air conditioning maintenance is hiring a dependable contractor to keep the system functioning at optimal level when in use. Companies, such as C&C Heating and Air Conditioning, are equipped with the expertise and tools to keep your HVAC system running smoothly, whatever the season.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

3 Crucial Things to Do Before Calling Roseville AC Repair Experts

Carry out careful inspections.
A good homeowner should always think about maintaining their AC units, even if it's winter. This is the best time to carry out a thorough inspection and check units for rust, debris and dirt accumulation, or damage. If homeowners suspect serious issues, air conditioner technicians can help perform more detailed evaluations and maintenance.

Prolong lifespan with maintenance.
After careful inspections and issues still arise, homeowners can call reliable Roseville air conditioner repair technicians who can suggest necessary measures to restore the unit in good working condition. These technicians can clean up the AC unit and tune it up to prevent more serious malfunctions in the future.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cold Folks' Ray of Hope: Roseville Heating and Air Conditioning Experts

Although residents can call Roseville heating and air conditioning companies for heating emergencies assistance, the best solution to prevent breakdowns is to regularly maintain residential heating systems to keep inconvenient problems from happening. A well-maintained heating system ensures a worry-free efficient system and an extended lifespan, warding off additional utility and repair expenses.

Roseville HVAC contractors like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning are plentiful in the Detroit metropolitan area and are more willing to assess and tune up residents' heating systems with years of professional experience, skill, and expertise.